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Corona Virus Travel Precautions: How To Protect Yourself From Corona virus While Travelling

protect yourself from virus during travelling Yes, Now we are in the unlocking phase even though we are still a long way off to win the battle against the  coronavirus  pandemic. As all businesses are ready to restarting, People have also started travelling. It does't matter which transportaion that you are choosing. Still there is a high risk in all ways of transportation. Nothing can help you to avoid virus untill, unless you are taking proper precautions. So before travelling during this pandemic Know more to keep protected from Virus How To Keep Protected From Virus In most of the cases we can't observe any symptoms of coronavirus, and symptoms start off with something as simple as flu symptoms, and can potentially manifest into something severe like kidney infections and  pneumonia. So try to avoid to travel to infection-laden areas. You can't restrict avoid travelling all together, so keep yourself protected from COVID-19 by taking precautions as menti

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