Corona Virus Travel Precautions: How To Protect Yourself From Corona virus While Travelling

protect yourself from virus during travelling

Yes, Now we are in the unlocking phase even though we are still a long way off to win the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. As all businesses are ready to restarting, People have also started travelling. It does't matter which transportaion that you are choosing. Still there is a high risk in all ways of transportation. Nothing can help you to avoid virus untill, unless you are taking proper precautions. So before travelling during this pandemic Know more to keep protected from Virus

How To Keep Protected From Virus

In most of the cases we can't observe any symptoms of coronavirus, and symptoms start off with something as simple as flu symptoms, and can potentially manifest into something severe like kidney infections and pneumonia. So try to avoid to travel to infection-laden areas. You can't restrict avoid travelling all together, so keep yourself protected from COVID-19 by taking precautions as mentioned below for a safe travelling.

must carry travel essentials

You can't have a safe journey with out these essentials. These are the must things to carry while travelling during this pandemic. And those became a part of our life during these days.
MasksMasks have already become mandatory through out the world!!. Always have a few extra ones with you. Along with masks, For extra protection carry a few pairs of gloves, too. sanitiser: Along with masks, carrying a pocket sized sanitizer is also must. So that we can avoid the sanitiser kept in public places. Don't forget to use it every time you touch a common surface.And always have a packet of disinfectant wipes, which are essential these days. Use the disinfectant wipes to wipe down your surroundings.Essential gadgets: Essential gadgets include your smartphone, tablet and laptop for effective communication. It is important to stay in touch with your near ones while you are travelling. And you can make transactions with mobile, thus you can avoid touching currency and all.

Wash your hands frequently

As everyone knows, this is the basic hygiene habit,regularly washing your hands decrease the spread of corona virus. When you travel, you come in contact with a lot of places and things which can be a breeding house for germs. It is recommended that you wash your hands under lukewarm or hot water for a minimum of 20-30 seconds to kill germs. While many use a sanitizer, remember, they can only act as a backup and not replace the effectiveness of hand washing.

avoid touching your face

This is the one you shouldn't do is, frequently touch the eyes, mouth and the nose. Always avoid to touch your face, especially with unwashed hands. 

prefer to use bottled water and be aware of food contamination

You can't be fully sure of the quality or purity of food and water When you are travelling to unknown places. should be particularly aware of food contamination of any kind. Avoid eating any product which is left exposed for a long time. Don't forgot that corona virus spread increases with poultry ,and markets, So be aware of food. Prefer to use water bottle. Its better to always keep a bottle with you, instead of buying.

Try to avoid travelling during this pandemic

Right now, travelling has been restricted or suggested for only those who find it really essential. Try to avoid travelling during the pandemic grappling the world in danger. All vacations and travelling has been largely ruled out. When you think of an aeroplane, the risk does run high ,and flights are considered as one of the germiest places. So there is always a chance of getting sick. Be safe.